The name of my business--and the logo--correspond to a woodworking term. A flitch is a slab of wood that has been cut from a log. 

Flitch Coffee began as a concept in June 2014. After working in the coffee and service industry for nearly 7 years, I was excited at the opportunity to have a go at it myself and open a small-scale coffee shop in a quiet neighborhood in east austin. My association with Hatch Workshop (my fiancee's business) lent itself well with my mission. I wanted the easy, approachable, space of a coffee shop to inspire questions and opportunities relating to woodwork, fallen timber, and the resources that Hatch can answer/offer. The name of my business--and the logo--correspond to a woodworking term. A flitch is a slab of wood that has been cut from a log. Hatch takes opportunities from fallen logs in the urban Austin area to turn them into usable materials (some of which can be seen in and around my coffee shop). I began brainstorming ways to achieve this goal and started working on a kickstarter campaign that then launched in September 2014. With the help of so many family members, neighbors, and friends, my kickstarter goal was reached! I had the means to start buying equipment and my supporters were gifted with items hand crafted from local wood. 


With help from Hatch Workshop, I was able to completely gut, renovate, and build-out a vintage Spartan trailer to meet my needs. Flitch opened April 1, 2015. It was truly the hardest I have ever worked before and I am grateful for the knowledge it has brought me and all the support along the way! I often end up talking with many customers about their own trailer projects and exchange advice with many members of the neighborhood who are attempting to accomplish a similar feat.

Now Flitch Operates 7 days a week and offers multiple roasters:

Evocation Coffee Roasters, which is a great small scale artisan roaster based out of Amarillo, Texas

Kickapoo Coffee Roasters, a larger artisan roaster from the midwest that offers a variety of direct trade and organic coffees all over the world

Wild Gift, an Austin roaster with delicious variety and consistency,

Onyx Lab Coffee Roasters, A specialty coffee roaster based out of Arkansas, their beans are fresh and diverse. They offer a range of roast-levels, flavor profiles, and delicious blends. 

Flitch also offers Breakfast tacos from Pueblo Viejo, a family-owned taqueria located on the eastside and pastries from Luxe Sweets. Some favorite menu items as of late have been the iced maple latte or a deliciously smooth cappuccino. 

Hope to serve you soon!

-Erica Foster, Owner

photo by  Lauren Slusher